Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wedding Card

Started this card nearly 2 weeks ago and today finally managed to get it all stuck down and finished. Hope the bride and groom don't visit blog land! The wedding isnt until the 14th August, its a good job I started early or it might not have been finished.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bingo Boards

Here are a couple of bingo boards that I decorated some time ago, one was for my Dad and hangs on their kitchen wall and the other sits on my craft desk. I have not been able to do any crafting lately as my Dad is very ill and is now coming to the end of his 2nd week in hospital (with no sign of him leaving yet) and didnt want to leave the blog with no activity. Also, it is my friends birthday tomorrow and she lives in Stafford and I have sent her a bag of crafting goodies included is a bingo board and pad, she may not have seen one done before so I have given her my blog address so she can have a look. It was lucky my good pal Janet kept telling me to take pictures of things I have been making for when I got time to set up a blog, she is a clever lady!
Not the best of photos, I will try better next time,

Saturday, 3 July 2010

My secrets out

Went shopping on Monday with my daughter and bought this key plaque from the pound shop and have turned it into this
It has taken me a few days but I finally got there, had a nightmare with colour matching but finally finished it this morning, a nice craft job to take my mind off other things. Hope you like.