Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The above is a picture of a wall plaque bought from a shop in Keighley, and here is the finished result after I altered it for my Hairdressers 40th birthday gift to put up in her salon, which is pink and black.

My very first attempt at blogging following some very patient instructions from my pal Janet. Thank you. I have done it at last !!!!!!


  1. This is a true work of art my friend the colours are fabulous and your attention to details stunning! xx

  2. this is lovely - love the pink on the Black - Welcome to Blogg land - I am new to it too ((HUGS))

  3. Hey You
    Great to see you here, have waited a long time! Loved this when you made it looks fabulous, hope she liked it!
    x Michelle

  4. Wow! this is lovely, I bet your hairdresser loved it. xx