Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Craft Room

Hey, this is me, thought I had better get an up to date photo to use for all these blogs I am going to be following, so here I am in my garden, the part that is not over run with huge weeds and grass. Its also the first picture I have with my hair long, I love it, my mum hates it!!!
These two are of my craft area, we bought a new freezer today, bigger than the one we had before the fire, so the utility room has had to be reorganised and I took the bookcase, don't think his lordship will notice! So have had a quick re arrange on the desk and voila.


  1. By Gum lass that were quick!!!

  2. told you I would find you!! lol
    love your craftroom its fab xx
    love debbie xxx

  3. Wow Elaine, you dont hang around do you. Like how your pics are framed- how do you do that?
    Craft room's looking good!
    x Michelle

  4. Hello Elaine *waves* welcome to Blogland ! Lovely to see your craft space...soooo much better than my pokey little corner in the kitchen :( xx

  5. looks even bigger than last craft corner.